Let’s Piña Colada! a Tropical Cocktail Summer Party

Who doesn’t like Piña Coladas!? and they are a must in any Tropical Cocktail Summer Party

i just love them! well I love almost any kind of fruitty cocktails lol

Wich is not surprise since I was born and raised in the Caribbean, in the beautiful Venezuela and fruit Cocktails is something we drink there all year round, yes, that’s one of the advantages of  tropical weather.

But i have been living in Seville, Spain for near 17 years now, and I have added another fruitty cocktail to my top list: Sangria!

 I decided to combine two of my favourite drinks into one : A Piña Colada’s Sangria!

(get the recipe HERE)

Tropical Cocktail Summer Party    Tropical Cocktail Summer Party

So  I styled for MDTP-Party&Cakes a little cocktail summer party around it.

Tropical Cocktail Summer Party

I wanted a festive adult tropical look,so I kept it very simple.

Tropical Cocktail Summer Party

In adition to the Piña Colada’s Sangria I offered a RedFruit’s Sangria made of watermelon & raspberries

(get the recipe HERE)

Since it gets really hot here in Seville in the summer I thought of adding some fresh Watermelon slices that I called Watermelon pops.

Use my little pineapple toppers to customize you cocktail glasses, you can even use a sharpie to add your guests names once printed so nobody losses their drink

there’s always a good idea to offer some snacks, and besides the cocktail table I styled a little snacks table that I decorated with the TropicalParty Printable Sign and a pineapple I just spray painted gold.


For this snacks table I made some watermelon+feta cheese + raspberries pinchos and offered a pineapple+Nuts cheese roll with some crackers.


and last but not the list I want to share a great party tip with you!

Can you see how sparkly the Sangria is? It’s because i used Edible Glitter Iced Cubes!


Learn how to make them HERE

Thanks for reading! I really hope you like it and can get some inspo for your Summer Celebrations!


Cheers to a Great Summer!

Here you can find the printables I designed  to decorate:

Table signs: I chose 3 different designs from my Summer Prints for my party:

Let’s Piña Colada, Summer Time and Tropical Party

Garland: I chose to decorate the table the garland S

 and some little toppers to customize the glasses


tropical cocktail party



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  1. Christina Reply

    This is such a festive summer party! I love it! Who knew there was etible glitter??!

    • tpks mag Post authorReply

      thanks so much dear friend!!! there is! i use it in cake decorating and believe me everything tastes better if it shines 😉 lol

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