FORTNITE party printables + FREEBIES

You sure heard about the video game craze sweeping the world: FORTNITE!

Do you have a FORTNITE fan at home or a client has requested this theme for a coming party? Whether you know a ton about Fortnite or have stumbled on this party planning with zero knowledge these FREE printables + diy would help you style your party!

This is a fantastic and super fun theme for people of all ages! 

I have designed some party printables that would help you style your next party in no time    set of cake toppers, cupcake toppers & wrappers and photoprops, some bottle labels and a party garland wich elements can also be used as party masks, and they are all FREE printables to share with all of you: 


with these set of Cake toppers you can make any simple store bought or home made cake look awesome! just print the toppers, cut them tape a wood stick or paper straw to the back of them and Voila! you have an unique and customized cake ready for the party!

fornite cake topper

CLICK the link below to print the set of FREE  cake toppers

fornite cake topper


Cupcakes are a great addition to party tables and are also a delicious party favor. Use this set of toppers and wrappers to to drees up simple home made or store bought cupcakes. Tip: you can also use the toppers as favor tags and customize them with a sharpie.

CLICK the link below to print the set of FREE cupcake toppers & wrappers


I love photoprops and i love designing them! Actually they are some of my most popular items in my etsy  shop. They are of great help when taking pics and have a blast at your party! 

CLICK the link below to print the set of FREE photo booth props


you would get a non editable pdf, jus print as many copies as you need on white sticker paper, cut and dress up water, juice, or soda bottles that would make great party favors

fornite free bottle labels

CLICK the link below to print the FREE bottle labels

free printable bottle labels

and last but not least this super fun  party GARLAND that can also be used as party masks or room decor!

CLICK the link below to print the FREE Garland

you would get a non editable pdf, just print as many times as long you want your garland to be, or as many party masks you need.

And a after the party use the garland as room decor, your kids would love it!!

free fortnite printable garland

thanks for reading



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