Thanksgiving is almost here! PartyFavor DIY

Time flies so fast you might want to start looking for ideas for the next big Holiday: Thanksgiving!

 I’m a big fan of gifting, and for me Thanksgiving is all about that,  Sharing & showing the Love to the ones around you. So either If you’re heading to a family member’s or friend’s house for Thanksgiving or if you’re the host and want to leave your Thanksgiving guests with a little party favor, this homemade gift is the perfect option! you can create them in no time, won’t break the bank and will leave your guests with a sweet gift. So let’s get down to it!

I bought some  ginger cookies in leaf shapes in our local Aldi store (they were just about 4€ a big box) and besides being the cutest are absolutely delicious! So i thought they would be perfect for my  sweet PartyFavor.

Here’s all you need:

some transparent clear ornament balls, cookies of your choice, some toppers/tags to place inside de ornaments (you can get these HERE), some baking twine and siscors

put some cookies in one of the ornament  halves until you fill it, place the topper on top covering the cookies

now close the ornament with the other half and it will look like this, the topper will prevent the cookies from moving around while decorating  the ornament, use the twine to keep the two halves together,


and Voila! your Part Favors are ready!


Are you hosting a FriendsGiving Party? Here’s a great idea to display them, decorate some mugs (check the DIY HERE!) and place them on top with a cute little wooden spoon! Your friends would LOVE IT!

add any simple homemade or store bought cake and customize it with one of the toppers, decorate using the matching table signs and you are all set!

Hope you like it!

You can get this Thanksgiving Printable Set HERE

and get this matching Eat, Drink and Pray  FREE printable HERE

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is almost here! PartyFavor DIY

  1. Lori Reply

    These are amazing!! What a brilliant idea!! Xoxo

    • tpks mag Post authorReply

      thnaks so much lori!xoxo happy thanksgiving!

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