Smile! is the most beautiful curve printable sign

This is a Sign every girl such have!

let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are or how great we look, we are always worried about weight, bad hair days, makeup and so many things more, but hey! we are all taking one thing for granted: the Most Beautiful Curve in your Body is your Smile!

The phrase is not mine, I read it online not long ago (sorry but i don’t remember where) and I immediatly knew I had to design a print! So i did 🙂

It would make a great Birthday gift, or  a just Because present for a girlfriend who might be needing this little reminder.

It comes in three different sizes so you print the one that suits you the most!

You can get it HERE as an Instant Download in our SHOP

Hope you enjoy it and Remember to Smile!

just Print, Cut & Have Fun!



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