Mother’s Day DIY gift+ Printables


Mother’s Day is just around the corner + Green’s the color of the year +  succulents are very popular =

Perfect mother’s Day present!

But how can you make this perfect present even more special? Customize the Pots!

Then you might think it sounds really good!!! but you’re too busy, you’re not good at drawing/painting, you’re gonna make a mess, it’s gonna be a disaster, etc.

what if I tell you that you can customize any kind of flower pots in just three minutes? Yess! three minutes!

they will turn out perfect  And no mess! I promise!

what do you need?

Ceramic/plastic/Terracota Pot, tape, Scissors, Water, Alcohol, Cloth,  & Tatoos of your choice.


Get some tatoos and cut the one you want to use

(I bought this metalic sheet with several tatoos in amazon and it was really inexpensive like 5€)


Clean the pot with alcohol so it’s grease and dust free


peel off the plastic protector and tape it in it’s place with the design facing the pot so it won’t move



Once it’s taped in it’s place wet it very gently with some water and a clean cloth or papel towel


Once it’s wet, remove the tape very carefully and you are going to be able to peel it off very easily, and Voila!

You’ve got some really pretty Customized Pots that are perfect for any occassion or just to add a special touch to the ones you’ve got home!

In case you are handy and want to customize terracota pots using paint here’s an idea!

You will only need water base paint and some natural fiber rope.

You can use our Mother’s Day Printables tags to add the final touch and they will be ready to go to their new homes!

Do you like the printables? they are also available in spanish  and you can get them HERE!

 tape the tags/toppers using some wood sticks, and attach with some ribbon  the rectangular tag to the wood stick once it is in it’s place (i used a thin natural fiber rope)

Thanks for reading! feel free to share!

happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Lori Reply

    I love these ideas!! So creative with the tattoos!! And those pots!! Just love it!!❤

    • tpks mag Post authorReply

      thank you so much! glad you like it!

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