Harry Potter FREE party printables

Most names in Spanish are related to a Saint, and every Saint has it’s day, so it’s very popular here in Spain to celebrate not only your birthday but also your Saint’s Day.

My boy’s Name is Rodrigo and some years ago, my little Ro wanted a HarryPotter /Lego little party to invite his friends to celebrate his Saints Day, so I put down to work and designed this set of printables, and I’m sharing them with you for FREE!

it was a very small celebration so I designed just a few pieces:

a Banner/Garland

a cake topper

I just printed, cut it &  used it to decorate a delicious chocolate cake I bought at Cotsco (not sponsored)

a set of toppers you can also use as party favor tags

and some bottle labels I used to decorate water, milkshakes & soda bottles

click the link below to print them for FREE and style your Harry Potter Party in no time!!


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