Glitter Ice and yes! it’s Edible!

Not long ago i saw a post on a friend’s Instagram feed that was sharing Glitter Ice,

Yes! you read it right, Glitter Ice!

if you are an absolut glitter lover like I am, this would be the ultime party tip!

The original post is from Something Turquoise, and I just couldn’t believe my eyes!

They made the most pretty, shinny, sparkly pink and purple glitter ice that would be perfect with ANY kind of celebration.  Imagine the possibilities!

But, yes sometimes there is a But in the most perfect things in this world, It was NONEDIBLE.

I started thinking on how to make an edible version of it for days, until something just made click in my head: RainbowDust Edible Glitter!

That’s what I use in cake decorating!

But then I still needed to find out if it would melt at the touch of water, so I did some experimenting, and Volila! it didn’t melt!

I used gold and silver RainbowDust Edible glitter that I had at home but they have a very wide shade of colors!

I have to say that the look is not as shinny and  super sparkly as the ice cubes made with non edible glitter but hey! they Shine and they make the drink look pretty, so that works for me!

I am sharing some pics I made of the proccess, take a look:

I Used this super cute silicone icecube tray i bought in CasaShops  and used a brush to add some RainbowDust  Edible glitter to the base of it (I would probably use more glitter next time)

-(not sponsored)-


Then i Just add water and put the tray in the fridge for about an hour, as simple as that!

I just loved how they looked! But I def think that i would add more glitter next time!

Hope you like it! Feel free to share!



(this is a non sponsored blog post, just sharing my own opinions)

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