DIY spoons for Easter

I love to customize spoons, cups, bottles, plates for parties is a great way of making unique details for your celebration when you do not want to spend that much or you don’t find exactly what you need.

I decided to style a little Easter party for my small fam at the very last minute so I was literally without time for party shopping and had to style it with what i had at home.

I literally planned it in one afternoon to style it the next morning, I wanted to display the chocolate eggs in a different way so i thought of using wooden spoons for that, but although i love them,wood spoons are very simple, so I used some washi tape and felt balls to sparkle them up a little bit and dress them with little bunny tails.

It was Very simple! showing you the pics of the proccess hope you like them!

feel free to use the idea for your styling!

this is all you need, spoons/ forks, washi tape of your choice, felt balls of the color of your choice, scissors and some glue

Use the washiTape to decorate the end of the spoon/fork

Glue the felt balls at the very end of it and Voila! you’ve got some pretty BunnyTails Spoons ready for your Easter celebration!

Feel free to share!

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