Cheers to the New year!

Style a Cheers corner for your New Year’s Party in no time with the help of some balloons, flowers and our Free printable!

I used a pop of Violet since is the Pantone color of 2018

“Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come”

Use some ornaments to add a special touch to the botttles

use wooden skewers to display the grapes

i used a wooden star ornament  you can easlily find in any dollar store to customize the skewers

Customize your balloons with the help of a paint marker it would give an unique look to the decor, this time i just draw some white dots on the bottom part of them

I also used a framed DIY Chalkboard and our  2018 you are going to be Great! FREE Printable and a lightbox

use some balloons they are a very effective and inexpensive way of adding a festive look to your styling


I wish you a Wonderful New Year Celebration with your loved ones and a Great year 2018!

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