BOO!!! Ghosts DIY

An Easy, Cute & Inexpensive craft? sounds great to me!

Make these fun Ghosts using EVA Foam!

or you can use like I did this light white foam that is used to protect fragile stuff while shipping it, I had some home from something we had bought the day before and I loved it because it is not opaque so it gave them this ghostly look plus it was easy to see through while drawing the eyes and mouth. But if you don’t have any at home Do not worry! EVA foam will work perfect for you!

All you need is the EVA Foam + Permanent black marker + Scissors

Cute the foam into ghostly shapes at the size of your choice, and make a little hole at the top if you are going to hang them

Draw and paint the eyes & mouths on both sides of the ghost

here you can see the different shapes and faces i used, you can use them as a reference

and you are Done!

they are very versatile! you can use them as a garland, or like I did as a mobile to customize a lamp. i just made two orange paper poms to decorate the lamp and hung them at different hights

Feel free to share!

Happy Halloween & Happy Crafting!!



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